Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lord of the Fallen (Maledorian Chronicles) published

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Just published! Book 1 in the Maledorian Chronicles fantasy series, Lord of the Fallen, is now available on Amazon!

Here is an overview:

"Lady Elendria witnesses the murder of a boy and discovers it is connected to a cult sweeping the city of Criswall. The cult worships Ba’al, an ancient god named the Lord of the Fallen by the city’s poorest. The cult aims to overthrow the Kingdom of Mar Thagroth and bring back an ancient empire ruled by sorcerers.

Forced to leave her childhood home a year ago, Elendria has adjusted to college life filled with people she once considered enemies. She is thrust into the court of King Galeran and attracts the attention of Prince Jondran, the king’s grandson. She is torn between her hatred of the kingdom and her growing interest in the young prince.

While investigating the boy’s murder, she discovers a dark secret about her father. Set amidst a city rife with cultists and a class war, Elendria must choose between family and her new friends. But she soon realizes the choice is really between doing what is right and pursuing revenge."

"Forrester's novel thoroughly blends the fantastical and the contemporary... There's a notable class struggle theme that's fortunately never heavy-handed... Supporting characters are equally noteworthy." -- Kirkus Reviews

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Death Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 6

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Just published! Book 6 in the Blacklight Chronicles fantasy series, Death Mage, is now available on Amazon!

Here is an overview:

"On the edge of the stars, Talis and Mara find themselves trapped in the Starwalker sanctuary, with Rikar imprisoned for murder. Two Starwalker factions fight for dominance, and the one serving the dark gods are winning. Unwilling to join the ranks of the strange Starwalkers, Talis searches for a way of escape back to Naru. But will the Starwalker wrath follow them back to their world?

Nikulo faces the daunting task of rebuilding Naru with the help of Master Holoron. The old sage hears dire news from Mistress Cavares of an outbreak of madness in Carvina, the Jiserian capital. The Naemarians launch assaults against the weakened Jiserian Empire and overthrow the last vestiges of sanity. Though loathe to connect with the ancient beings, only Nikulo can stop them from conquering Naru."

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Star Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 5

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I'm pleased to announce the release of my new epic fantasy book, Star Mage, Book Five in the Blacklight Chronicles series!
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With the help of Master Builder Goleth, Talis and Mara help rebuild the destroyed City of Naru. Talis keeps his promise and journeys south with Master Goleth and Mara, but there is unrest and chaos in the Jiserian Empire. Nikulo finds affliction tormenting his mind upon returning to Naru, and is compelled to go west on his own to the City of Ursula.

On the flight south, Talis finds himself drawn to visit the Ruins of Elmarr, and discovers the voice of the Nameless, the voice of the master of Lord Aurellia. The traitor Rikar is waiting within those ruins, a beacon of wrath for the Starwalker revenge.
World Map of Star Mage

Friday, July 18, 2014

Theft of Dragons (Princes of Naverstrom)

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I'm pleased to announce the release of my new epic fantasy book, Theft of Dragons, Book One in the Princes of Naverstrom series!
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"Tael Shalinor endured the horror of watching his parents murdered when he was twelve years old. The Black Heart Clan assassins have hunted him ever since. In the six years that have passed, King Braxion continues his ruthless tyranny against citizens and neighboring Kingdoms alike. He controls the dragon nobility through powerful spells of beast shamanism cast by the Hakkadians, sorcerers from the northlands.
Princess Sebine, the girl the King believes is his daughter, plots to one day break free from the palace and discover the mystery behind her true father. Tempted by the lure of sorcery, she studies in secret with the Hakkadians in the palace dungeons. When a merchant from the east delivers her the Ring of Galdora as a gift from the Elven Kingdom of Drazal’tan, the course of her life will change forever."
World Map of Theft of Dragons

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dragon Mage, Blacklight Chronicles book 4

Introducing the fourth book in the Blacklight Chronicles fantasy series, DRAGON MAGE! The book is available right now on Amazon Kindle. 

Here is a short overview of the book:

In a world where dragons rule the sky, magic offers little resistance against the ancient King Valeron, Lord of the Dragons. Talis and Mara find themselves on the world of Vellia, home of Aurellia, the dark lord Talis is sworn to serve. Caught in a battle to overthrow the ancients of Vellia, Talis believes Aurellia and his forces are no match against their power.

Aurellia and Talis fly out to the mountains of Ghaelstrom in search of an alliance with the dragons. Talis is separated from Mara, who is trained by Elder Relech in the art of assassination and magical stealth. 

Nikulo and Mara meet Goleth the Builder, who conjures the elements to form an armada of ships needed to carry Aurellia's army to assault the ancients of Vellia. But soon Mara realizes that she may never again see Talis, since her fate lies with the burden of killing a king.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shadow Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 3

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Introducing the third book in the Blacklight Chronicles fantasy series, SHADOW MAGE! The book is available right now on Amazon Kindle. 

Here is a short overview of the book:

Talis glimpses an alien world where Rikar, his old friend and traitor, is being tortured. He is tempted down a dark path leading to the forbidden knowledge of Shadow Magic, the magic he needs to keep from going insane.

The feud between the royal houses of Naru has Talis and Mara caught in the middle, and once again threatens their friendship. And the magical Order of the Dawn distances themselves from Talis, pushing him aside to study the discarded magical art of runes. With civil war looming, Jiserian sorcerers again invade the city of Naru, and Talis must rise to help protect their city.

A mysterious sorcerer from the Tarasen Islands arrives, with eyes on the black crystal, aiming to create a World Portal to the planet where Aurellia and his Elders have escaped. Talis finds his heart wrenched between saving his city and saving the one closest to his heart. Even after being trapped on an alien world, with no way back home, Talis realizes that his friendship with Mara and Nikulo is the key to their fate and survival.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sun Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 2

Introducing the second book in the Blacklight Chronicles, SUN MAGE! The book is available right now on Amazon Kindle. After over three years of writing and too many revisions to count, my second novel is complete.

Praise for Sun Mage:

"Sun Mage... was AWESOME! The fast pace for this book, like the first one, makes it a great read for pre-teens, teens and adults...  I literally could not put Sun Mage down... I give this book 5 Ravens and now I am DYING to read the next one. I anxiously await its arrival."
--Great Minds Literary Community

Here is a short overview of the book:

Far out to sea, a mysterious island holds the ancient city of Darkov. The immortal sorcerer Aurellia awaits the arrival of Talis and Mara. The Temple of the Sun lures both dark and light forces to discover its power.

Talis and Mara will have to use their wits to escape slavery and trek out into the jungle. Foul fields of undead will trap them. Twin ancient cities, one of light and one of darkness, one ruined and one hideous in its power. Only one map can guide them.

But can they bear to enter the land of the dead? To face the God of the Underworld himself? If they fail, their family and city will fall to the Jiserians. And the world itself will slip into darkness. Unless Talis can first unlock the power of light magic.