Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Death Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 6

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Just published! Book 6 in the Blacklight Chronicles fantasy series, Death Mage, is now available on Amazon!

Here is an overview:

"On the edge of the stars, Talis and Mara find themselves trapped in the Starwalker sanctuary, with Rikar imprisoned for murder. Two Starwalker factions fight for dominance, and the one serving the dark gods are winning. Unwilling to join the ranks of the strange Starwalkers, Talis searches for a way of escape back to Naru. But will the Starwalker wrath follow them back to their world?

Nikulo faces the daunting task of rebuilding Naru with the help of Master Holoron. The old sage hears dire news from Mistress Cavares of an outbreak of madness in Carvina, the Jiserian capital. The Naemarians launch assaults against the weakened Jiserian Empire and overthrow the last vestiges of sanity. Though loathe to connect with the ancient beings, only Nikulo can stop them from conquering Naru."

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