Thursday, April 15, 2021

Reins of Power, Book 1 in the Shandian Chronicles


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Just published! Reins of Power, Book 1 in the Shandian Chronicles epic fantasy series.

Here is an overview of the book:

Akkar, a scholar at the Historians Guild, discovers his mentor has vanished under mysterious circumstances. He is tasked to lead the guild’s secretive group, hunting relics of power in the ruins under the palace while practicing magic away from prying eyes, and leading their workshop in the production of wands for the Wizards Guild.

But each day he is pressured to defend himself against growing suspicions connected to his mentor’s accused crimes. Trying to prove his innocence, he discovers evidence of corruption in the line of emperors, forcing him to make a choice between his dreams of rising from orphan to guild master and righting a three-hundred-year-old betrayal.

Not knowing whom to trust, Akkar turns to Jesnia, his old flame and famous actress, who has also been named a traitor. As an illusionist, she helps him find the truth and keep away from the authorities while tempting his heart away from his noble-born girlfriend. The nobility, the guilds, the church, and foreign enemies all vie for control of the Empire. What he discovers places him at odds with them all, and only secrets learned from an ancient immortal and a debt owed him by the dragons tips the scales. Only Akkar can seize the freed reins of power and, using forbidden magic, right the wrongs that ail the world.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Demigod Rising Book 1 in the Song of the Gods

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Just published! Demigod Rising, Book 1 in the Song of the Gods epic fantasy series.

Here is an overview of the book:

One twin will discover the truth. The other will be fooled by lies.

Jeno and Chiro never knew they were powerful demigods. Their father, General Thanadol, hid the truth after he stole his young sons away from their mother, the Goddess Leilian. The twins were raised to hate magic, despise the old gods, and to love Tanir, the false god of the humans.

When the nightmares come, the twins see their mother imprisoned by a wizard in the magical realm of Sosaram. Chiro, believing her life is in danger, flees Castle Maarn in the middle of the night. Jeno wakes and finds his brother missing. Though he knows it is wrong, he follows Chiro into the forbidden realm, fulfilling a vow to protect his brother. What he finds is a magical realm unlike any other, a realm of darkness and light, a realm of deception and secrets, a realm blighted by the war of the gods. In such a place the humans are mere pawns, driven by hatred, bigotry, and greed.

What Jeno discovers about his nature and the truth behind the lies will test the bond between brothers and the beliefs he holds as immutable.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Empire Awakening (Maledorian Chronicles book 2) Pre-order

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Just published for pre-order! Empire Awakening, Book 2 in the Maledorian Chronicles series. It will be available on March 6th.

Here is an overview of the book:

Lady Elendria Orensal escapes the city of Criswall from the chaos of the cultists of Ba’al. Madam Lassengre has promised to take Elendria and her friends to a coven of witches in the Great Barrier Mountains, where Elendria can grow her magical power. She must prepare for the coming fight between an army of giant magical constructs and the armies of men.

Prince Jondran Damensar fights in the south against the Kingdom of Jalinfaer. Arcturius, the wizard, warns him of a cultist uprising in the capital. But he cannot go north despite discovering the king is imprisoned. For the battle to be won, he must forge an alliance between old enemies to defeat new foes.

When Elendria joins the prince in the struggle against the cultists, he must choose between his growing love for her and his sworn duty to his kingdom. For Elendria, it is a choice between family and the promise of a new empire and upholding the old ways of kings and nobles.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Origin Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 7

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Just published for pre-order! Book 7 in the Blacklight Chronicles fantasy series, Origin Mage, will be available on Amazon December 12th!

Here is an overview:

"It has been a year since the Nameless was trapped in the Underworld along with her followers. Talis and Mara have rebuilt Naru with Master Goleth’s help. The elders of Naru want Mara to become their queen, but she is wary of shouldering the burden.

Rikar and Princess Devonia have returned to Carvina to live there and rebuild. But there have been rumblings across the land. Tales of people going mad after worshipping at temples to Zagros. Something strange and foul is rising.

Rikar has nightmares of the Nameless returning from the Underworld. It seems the Starwalkers have never given up on their quest of revenge against the Nameless. A foolish quest that will lead to their demise. It will also bring Talis, Mara, and their friends hurtling into an oblivion so dark, they might never escape."

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lord of the Fallen (Maledorian Chronicles) published

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Just published! Book 1 in the Maledorian Chronicles fantasy series, Lord of the Fallen, is now available on Amazon!

Here is an overview:

"Lady Elendria witnesses the murder of a boy and discovers it is connected to a cult sweeping the city of Criswall. The cult worships Ba’al, an ancient god named the Lord of the Fallen by the city’s poorest. The cult aims to overthrow the Kingdom of Mar Thagroth and bring back an ancient empire ruled by sorcerers.

Forced to leave her childhood home a year ago, Elendria has adjusted to college life filled with people she once considered enemies. She is thrust into the court of King Galeran and attracts the attention of Prince Jondran, the king’s grandson. She is torn between her hatred of the kingdom and her growing interest in the young prince.

While investigating the boy’s murder, she discovers a dark secret about her father. Set amidst a city rife with cultists and a class war, Elendria must choose between family and her new friends. But she soon realizes the choice is really between doing what is right and pursuing revenge."

"Forrester's novel thoroughly blends the fantastical and the contemporary... There's a notable class struggle theme that's fortunately never heavy-handed... Supporting characters are equally noteworthy." -- Kirkus Reviews

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Death Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 6

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Just published! Book 6 in the Blacklight Chronicles fantasy series, Death Mage, is now available on Amazon!

Here is an overview:

"On the edge of the stars, Talis and Mara find themselves trapped in the Starwalker sanctuary, with Rikar imprisoned for murder. Two Starwalker factions fight for dominance, and the one serving the dark gods are winning. Unwilling to join the ranks of the strange Starwalkers, Talis searches for a way of escape back to Naru. But will the Starwalker wrath follow them back to their world?

Nikulo faces the daunting task of rebuilding Naru with the help of Master Holoron. The old sage hears dire news from Mistress Cavares of an outbreak of madness in Carvina, the Jiserian capital. The Naemarians launch assaults against the weakened Jiserian Empire and overthrow the last vestiges of sanity. Though loathe to connect with the ancient beings, only Nikulo can stop them from conquering Naru."

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Star Mage, Blacklight Chronicles Book 5

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I'm pleased to announce the release of my new epic fantasy book, Star Mage, Book Five in the Blacklight Chronicles series!
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With the help of Master Builder Goleth, Talis and Mara help rebuild the destroyed City of Naru. Talis keeps his promise and journeys south with Master Goleth and Mara, but there is unrest and chaos in the Jiserian Empire. Nikulo finds affliction tormenting his mind upon returning to Naru, and is compelled to go west on his own to the City of Ursula.

On the flight south, Talis finds himself drawn to visit the Ruins of Elmarr, and discovers the voice of the Nameless, the voice of the master of Lord Aurellia. The traitor Rikar is waiting within those ruins, a beacon of wrath for the Starwalker revenge.
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